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Topic: Does SME need to apply a 'social' value and does it affects the sales?

'social' value such as going green, charity profit sharing and so many more are great things that entrepreneurs can apply in their business activities to create a better world. But for smes and start ups, it could be costly and unnecessary. Some research has shown that it reflects positively in the long term even during economic downturns. This research might help smes and startups consideration in applying csr. To answer questions such as if it is worth it or not.


On the other hand it may provide a unique selling point for customers and customers gain a sense of participation in doing a good deed. An assumption of mine is within compulsive buying and wants/luxury purchases. Ex. If bubble tea a sells normal milk tea and bubble tea b sell a cup will feed a person, some people might buy from bubble tea b even though it could be more expensive or bubble tea a taste better. Giving or doing a good deed gives a different 'unpurchaseable' satisfaction.