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3. Please update weekly progress with format title: "WEEK 1 and activity name", "WEEK 2 and activity name", and so forth. For example "Week 1: Ready to Launch". IMPORTANT : Before click submit, please choose the category (your company name)*if you cant find your company name, please contact us : . we will respond as soon as possible

4. When you meet every mentor (entrepreneur), please update it as well to trace your progress

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Week 9 dan 10

Pada week ke 9 kami meneliti lagi tentang produk kami apa yang perlu diperbaiki dan mengevaluasi masukan yang diberikan oleh calon2 customer kami. Yang berawal dari calon-calon customer saat bazaar sampai diluar bazaar. Pada week ke 10 kami sekelompok diarahkan untuk mengisi forum kbmi dari bisnis yang kami jalani. Dan kami dibantu juga oleh mentor-mentor dan kakak kelas sehingga kami dapat mengerjakan kbmi dengan cepat dan akurat.

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Week 11 “Adjustment”

In week 11, after our lectures checked our KBMI’s proposal. There were some mistakes, so we should adjust it to the right answer. As a team, we divided the questions based on our team’s skill. Jacob and Sumarno did the Laulley’s accounting. Evelyn and Josephine fixed the wrong answers. Sonny did the last file that asked by KBMI and attached it. That is all our report, thank you.

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Week 10 “KBMI”

In week 10, we as a team should answer 40 questions from KBMI. We did it very well, but there were some questions that we  did not know what was the best answer for it. So, we discussed it in a team and we also asked the coach and also our lectures. That is all our report, thank you.

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