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2449968?profile=RESIZE_180x1802449991?profile=originalBali Banana is a bakery store that is located in Dewi Sri, Kuta and in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. Bali Banana is offers a new banana cake wrapped with puff pastry  Bali Banana is aims to create something new from Bali. Our target market is tourists who come to Bali and wants to buy something from Bali. 

By the increasing number of the tourists who come to Bali impacted the gift shop store in Bali. Bali Banana is targeting to the tourists who come to Bali and wants to buy something new to their place of origin and also to the walk in customer from people from Bali

Bali Banana focuses on the lower-upper-middle income markets. The market start from 18 60 years old. In terms of price, Bali Banana can compete with other Bali’s food and can attract customers to buy Bali Banana.

Bali Banana is a bakery that offers puff pastry-wrapped banana cake.

Banana cake itself has a very soft texture and served with flavour filling and crunchy pastry.


2449986?profile=RESIZE_320x320Food is one of three basic needs, which made culinary business is very promising. The most important factor in culinary business is taste and the key to develop the business is system. The business I make is Ayam Geprek Naknan. Ayam Geprek Naknan is serving delicious Indonesian styled fried chicken topped with special sambal which we called Sambel Naknan. Naknan itself is an abbreviation for Enak Tenan which mean Very Delicious in Javanese. Unlike other common friend chicken that only sell, we want to make this business into franchise throughout Indonesia and also global. Our head office and first store is located in Bali, Indonesia. The market of this culinary is: those who love spicy food, college student, young adult, adult

Ayam Geprek Naknan is not only serves good food, but also complimentary such as free-flow rice and sambal. Unlike common food stall, we plan to make franchise system to Ayam Geprek Naknan. First step, we have opened our own store in Denpasar, Bali. We make speci

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