gratitude (1)

MERCI - French for Thank you.


A widely used word internationally, and even a generic term used today in Jakarta.

That's why we used it as our name. We think it completely represents us. We think gratitude is a big part of life, and one way (a big way) to show it. There's never any loss in saying thank you. 

We provide the service of giving gifts to ones you love, creating specially curated gift boxes or hampers. At weddings, baby showers & birthdays, Christmas, Valentines--you name it, we are there for you in your most special moments. 

Giving gifts is easy, but giving well-thought out ones is one of the toughest things to do. We promise you with each hampers we give, we tell a unique story. It's not just nice and pretty and easy, but it gives a glimpse history and sentiment. The art of giving gifts, this is what we want to highlight.

With that, we hope receivers feel when they hold our hampers in their hands. Joy, love, peace, gratefulness, and others. We can bring a little sun