Chicampus's team culture

Team Member
1. Bryan Hadinata
2. Jennifer Jose
3. Marshella
4. M. Kessar Ferdiansyah
5. Billy
6. Michael Gunena


What needs to change:
1. Terkadang tidak kepat waktu
2. Kurangnya motivasi

What needs to stay the same:
1. Inovatif
2. Keluarga
3. Fun
4. Kooperatif

10 rules for a unique team culture:
1. Treat your team as they were your family!
2. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion!
3. Care for eachother and improve together!
4. Your passion is our passion too!
5. Teach others and learn from others!
6. No one's stupid, just need an encouragement!
7. Always Hungry for knowledge and improvement!
8. Be your self, no one's going to judge you!
9. Be transparent, dont be afraid, we'll figure things out together!
10. Celebrate every member's birthday with a funny birthday cake, we are brothers and sisters!

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