TAEL 2020, Week 2: our progress

We decided to make a new brand called PANCARONA with "recycled goods" as our concept

Our SMART Goals

S: aside from doing business we are also dendibg message to people to care for the environment

M: we are we measure our progress through monthly report

A: we have made our prototype and logo

R: based on the survey, a lot of people said our product is wuiet interesting to go on selling

T: we are selling our product by the end of this month



Hello everyone! We are from PANCARONA, and we are seeking for 1 million investment for this brand. Have you all ever consider how much trash you throw per day and the effect on our environment, maybe not all of those ypu throw are really trash, a lot of those tradh can be recycled to a usable goods.

Our company purpose is to recycle trash mostly plastic to a new usable goods that can be used by a lot of people, we are focusing on jewelery now and are on the way on making more variant.

We will sell our product with price around 10.000-30.000 rupiah based on the variant. We are also going to make collection name for every variant to make it more interesting. That is all about our product, thankyou!

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