WEEK 5: Gen Z Progress

- The 'shock' of changing strategy in gaining followers seem decrease, the sum followers have been stable and gradually increased. We think that this is the better strategy although we don't get significant new followers every day like before.

- We have created our new Youtube channel. Now, we are preparing to upload our first video. Because the conditions, we only can make videos with pictures, videos, and voice over and not shooting. We have planned several sections for our Youtube channel that we will introduce in a couple weeks and months.

- We are starting the 'giveaway' in our social media, Instagram and Youtube. We will give the 'Kamu Terlalu Banyak Bercanda' book by Marchella FP. We choose this product for our first giveaway because the price is not high and it is popular. We want our followers can gain interest in reading from this book. The giveaway plan will start from this week and over in two weeks. We hope this giveaway can give positive impacts for Gen Z and our followers.

- For next week, we expect that our first Youtube video will come out.

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  • Lecturer

    Dear CP,
    Right now i'm suggesting you to try position yourself on what's matters to your audience, what they want to see at this difficult time.
    Oh ya, for reference, you might want to check out : @mudacumasekali on IG.

    Good luck, CP.

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