1. Open "forum" tab and click "+" for every update.

2. Fill in the form. 

3. Please update weekly progress with format title: "WEEK 1 and activity name", "WEEK 2 and activity name", and so forth. For example "Week 1: Ready to Launch". IMPORTANT : Before click submit, please choose the category (your company name)*if you cant find your company name, please contact us : pucel@podomorouniversity.ac.id . we will respond as soon as possible

4. When you meet every mentor (entrepreneur), please update it as well to trace your progress

Any problem? contact us : pucel@podomorouniversity.ac.id

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Report Week 12

As usual, this week we had done :- Sell an organizer tote bag chikyu and always black... So we have some difficulties on selling beige tote bag. However it can wash easily and the bottom of the bag has a different kind of fiber so it make the bottom of the tote bag harder to dirty.- Bought black buble wrap.- And of course, we had post new feeds on instagram @chikyu.official 

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