Mark zuckerberg by wilson , aaron philbert


The most successful entrepreneurs share the same trait: They are passionate about what they do. Zuckerberg has always been passionate about using technology to connect people, but he has also put in the hard work to achieve it. Having passion for something means that you don’t give up. It gives you energy to work through difficulties. Where some people see failure, a passionate entrepreneur sees only a learning experience, a stepping stone to keep moving forward.


The really great companies have a sense of purpose at the root of all that they do, from hiring employees, to attracting the right investors, to their marketing and their customer service. By always keeping his purpose in mind, Zuckerberg has been able to focus on creating the best product for achieving this.


No business leader can run a company all by themselves. Success is a team sport. At Facebook, Zuckerberg provides the imagination, while Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, provides the execution around his vision., Zuckerberg and Sandberg share the same values, complementary strengths, commitment, mutual trust and the mutual respect needed to continue to drive the company forwards.


No one is doubting the intelligence of Mark Zuckerberg. Starting from young age, investing his own software programs, and getting into IVY League University and last but not least, investing the Facebook. This all show the very strong intelligence in Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg has shown flexibility in his character.He always been open to change and never been afraid of taking new steps and doing something new. Though not all of his changes have been successful, majority of them have stood the test of time and boosted Facebook's following

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