PUCEL as the center of entrepreneurship of Podomoro University has taken the role as the mentor in Wonderful Startup Academy (WSA). Wonderful Startup Academy is a program of startup business development which focuses on the tourism sector in Indonesia, as the result of collaboration between the Ministry of COoperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, Galeri Indonesia WOW, Ministry of Tourism, and ICSB Indonesia  .

Wonderful Startup Academy has already at the final stage since its initiation in the end of 2016. Finalists of ten selected startups, among others, were Goers, Kosthunt, Geotours, Place+, Thingstodoo, Kili-kili Adventure, Dineary, Oemah Etnik, Kiribang, and Maqna. Dr. Wisnu Dewobroto (Head of PUCEL) was in tandem with Mr. Indra Utoyo, who is curently the Director of BRI and appointed to escort one of the 10 finalists of startup company, the digital Place+.


In the mentoring session at BRI Building 1 (8/17), Wisnu said Place+ as the application which focused on video, is a start up with lots of potential and capable of answering the millennial generation requirement today, however, the challenge is how this startup can monetize the product. One of the easiest way is to bring big company as one of the partners and use Place+ as the promotion campaign media, so that it will increase the awareness of public to the product, Indra Utoyo said.

 The involvement of PUCEL in WSA mentoring that will give birth new entrepreneurs in the tourism sector is one of the visions of Podomoro University to make every graduate the leader with entrepreneurship soul and spirit. Using PUCEL, the program is expected to boost the spirit of Podomoro University’s students to keep becoming problem solver and giving the business solution from their expertise. 




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