Being the one who had built Apple into the world’s most valuable company, also helped to transform seven industries: personal computing, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, retail stores, and digital publishing making many wanted to know how he lead. His personality was integral to his way of doing business. He acted as if the normal rules didn’t apply to him, and the passion, intensity, and extreme emotionalism he brought to everyday life were things he also poured into the products he made. His petulance and impatience were part and parcel of his perfectionism. Many said that he tend to be rough to people, but people didn't leave him even if they feel brutalized, they still deliver and work with him. The product that they make together is perfect. here's some of the key of Steve being a Steve Jobs:

- he always focus

Steve Jobs always choose to focus on several things rather than thinking of "billions" idea that need to be execute in such a long period and somehow it make Apple, Apple. 

- always try to simplify

as the first Apple brochure said "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication". Steve loves for simplicity had been growing since before he entered Apple company. in making new product, he would always ask to Apple's worker/designer what the purpose of things in the product. example, screw that could be simplify. with the attitude that love simplicity brought Apple with simple design yet elegance to the world.

- products before profit

it is important lesson for Steve Jobs for prioritize the products itself than profit. when profit is prioritize, people tend to lost its interest/ not motivated enough to produce great product

- not being a slave on a focus group

sometimes it only needed one focus group to made a product. example, on how you or your friend would wanted as a product. in Steve Jobs case, it is music player (iPod) that he made based on what he or his friends wanted. A simple music player that we would carry around happily.

- always push yourself to perfection

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