What's a different between Dream & Goal?

Basically both of them have a similarity, Dream and Goal have something good in their head, have something wonderful imaginations that there isn't real yet. But the difference is the Dream have no action, it stays in our head, it's very wonderful and perfect, and of course we enjoy our dream. in Dream there is no FAILURE, but THERE IS in Goal. In goal we have PLAN, there is action, step by step, Failure will be our best teacher to reach our goal.

We are Podomoro University Students should have our own GOAL to REACH, no matter how old you are, sooner you start, sooner you turn into the next level.  Time flies so fast, there is no time for "later". DO NOT be afraid to fail.

It's the time to change your Dream into Goal. If you afraid to fail, if you too lazy to take an action, just lie down on your bed and enjoy your beautiful dream. Of course while you enjoy your dream there is a lot of people who steal it from you in a real life.

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Jaeysen kanily - Entrepreneurship Student Batch 2015

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  • Lecturer

    Cool Jaeysen, I agree! It is a very good discussion.

  • In my opinion, Dream and Goal have a difference in a way that they are similar. In order to achieve a dream, there are goals that must be achieved first, step by step, to finally reach the dream. Same thing for the goals, in order to get goals, there is that dream in the end which thrives us to create goals to be the steps towards the dream. Basically saying, dreams are the end goal of goals.

    Another similarity is that both Dream and Goal would never be achieved if:
    1. You don't have a dream, thus there is no point
    2. You don't have a big dream, since it doesn't scare you enough to make you actually want to get that dream
    3. All you do is nothing

    There is a two word statement which called "delayed gratification", which refers to the ability to put off something pleasurable now, in order to gain something that is more pleasurable later. For example, you could watch TV the night before exam, or you could practice "delayed gratification" and study for the exam rather than watching TV. This applies too towards the dream and goal you have. If you have the mindset of "do it later" than "just do it", you will never get that dream and goal would never be created, just like what Jaeysen said " Time flies so fast, there is no time for "later" ".

    Lastly, dream and goal will always be there for each of us and its only up to each of us to make it happen for ourselves or make it happen for someone else.
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